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T.A.C.H Technical is your Total Auto Care Hotline!

T.A.C.H Technical is your #1 source for information. We at T.A.C.H Technical believe every technician should have access to as much information to fix today's automobiles as is possible. With the changes in technology we see every day is not just about Transmissions anymore, it's about Powertrain. The Powertrain encompasses the engine and it's systems along with the transmission, differentials and drive shafts. These components can all cause transmission drivability problems. T.A.C.H Technical is different, we are your Total Auto Car Hotline, and we keep you up to speed!

T.A.C.H. Technical Hotline That is why T.A.C.H Technical was started, with the changes in technology we see every day it isn't just about Transmissions, brakes, engine performance or cooling system repairs anymore. Every mechanical and electrical system on today's highly sophisticated vehicles is monitored through the use of sensors and that information if fed into 1 or more of the on board computers and the monitored by the PCM.

When one of these circuits or a sensor fails, the computers can put a system into failsafe. Will that failsafe action have an effect on the performance of the vehicle? Yes! Will it drastically alter the way the car performs, drives, shifts or stops? Yes it will! Then you have to ask yourself, is it a mechanical problem or electrical that the PCM saw and put the car into failsafe. What does that code really mean! Not sure how to handle the problem, lacking information because the car is too new? Attempted to fix and repair it and still can't quite get it to where you and or the customer are both satisfied?

When you run into situations like this, and it happens daily, what do you do? Who do you turn too or call? Call T.A.C.H Technical Your Total Auto Care Hotline now! We are here to help you find out what is wrong, help you make sense out of that code, and what it will take to get the car fixed.

T.A.C.H Technical has access to a large data base and library of information on repairs, TSB's, a fix database available to members for many of today's problems. And that database of information is updated constantly. Have a problem that is stumping you or can't find the information you need, call us today at 1-888-221-7406

Our technicians have over 90 years of combined automobile experience between them. Jim who spent over 28 years as a general repair technician with many certifications, and Brian has over 35 years of hands on and technical and training experience. He was the "Go to Guy "for the Nation's leading transmission specialist can now be your "Go to Guy"!

Start putting that experience to work for you today. Just give us a call. 1-888-221-7406 leave a message and one of our techs will return the call.